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#1 Kansas Are The 2022 NCAA Men's Basketball Champions

The Men's NCAA Men's Basketball Championship held true to its expectations last night as the (#1) Kansas and (#8) UNC put on a battle for the title. I actually was really impressed how each team dug down deep when it was needed from both ends to give us one heck of a game. 

Kansas Prevails

Kansas was pretty relentless all-tournament getting past their opponents on their climb to the title match. In this game, they put on a second-half adjustment that was super outstanding after being attacked hard in the 1st half. This is a team who in their minds already had claimed the title. Click Here to show you congratulate them. 

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You have to give it to UNC the way they opened up the first half leading at the end of it by 15 points. And this was after they immediately fell down 7 to nothing right off the top. But I knew these guys had a fire in them before the game started. I thought it would possibly give them the edge. 

The best part of this game is that it switched leads instead of one of them taking off and the other never being able to bounce back. But you have to salute them both for refusing to just lay down at any moment of the game. 

KANSAS 72 - UNC 69

UNC Battle Scars

As I was watching towards the end I could see that the UNC players laid it all on the line trying to win this game. Their players were pushed to the limit physically and it showed. Their bodies started to give out and it showed on a couple of them. Fatigue sometimes lead to injury if you are pushing hard enough and it happened to a couple of UNC players toward the end.

This is why I give thumbs up to the UNC unit. They started off rough, took over the 1st half, and had to try to hold on for victory against a team they knew was not going to just lay down. Overall they should all be proud of what they achieved this season. 

For a #8 seed, they put on one heck of a show. And at the beginning, I bet not too many saw this coming. I say give them some support by Clicking Here and showing them some love. 


Well, this wraps up another year of men's college basketball. It was a great season for all teams involved. There were tears of joy and happiness and I am sure some lessons were learned at the same time. We look forward to their return next season for more thrills and surprises. 

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