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1st Round of the 2022 NCAA Elite 8 Games

The 1st round showcased two (#2) ranked teams back to back. 

1st Game Results

(#2) Villanova continues to march on to the Final 4 by beating (#5) Houston 50 to 44. Villanova jumped out on top in the first half and it was enough to survive the efforts of Houston in the 2nd half to come back. Houston did outscore Villanova in the second half by 1 point. 

If you are going to be cheering Villanova on then you will want to at least look the part. Click Here to support them as they are really close to the finals of this tournament. 

2nd Game Results

Looks like one of the #2 seed teams is moving on. No upsets at this point as the tournament presses on towards the Finals. 

(#2) Duke started off with a commanding lead in the 1st half to go ahead and defeat (#4) Arkansas by the score of 78 to 69. Coach K is getting closer to ending his career with a championship which I am sure he wants to happen. It will make it easier to walk away as a champion. This will put him on the same pedestal as the legendary John Wooden.

I think it is time to support Duke by Clicking Here because they have a strong chance of going all the way. 


I am glad that after this 2nd round of the play we will be down to the real nitty-gritty. This is where the intensity should increase because each team can taste the sweetness of an NCAA Championship. There is still room for an upset or two so get ready for some excitement to come.

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