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2022 NCAA Mens Championship Duel

As we know the two teams have already earned their spot in the 2022 NCAA Men's Championship Duel. There was even one ranking upset on the way to the Finals. Let us recap the event that led up to the final game. While the whole tournament thrilled us this is what we all were waiting to see. 

The Final Four Matchups 

I thought this year's Final Four games brought on some worthy teams. Some of us lost our favorite teams and some of them were not expected to us see gone. But it did leave some that after we watched them we could feel their drive to win this thing.

I already felt that (#1) Kansas would be there and they proved it by beating (#2) Villanova convincingly in one of the games by a score of 81 to 65. That was a 16 point difference. They controlled each half of the game. Kansas has been looking like the strongest team throughout the tournament but sometimes that doesn't mean a thing.

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(#2) Duke, who I gave some edge to lost to (#8) UNC  81 to 77. UNC has been pouring it on and really showing that they want to be champions. A lot of times that fire is just enough to make you a champion. They showed they could be behind and dig down deep to pull it off. 

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The NCAA Finals 

We have a final that could give us a thrill or simply one of those games that will make us say well I knew the number one seed was going to control the whole game. Well, the other side is we have a team that is ranked number eight that has a lot of scrapping in them. This could be interesting. 

I am going to personally say that Kansas is going to be the victor because they have been winning in a convincing way in most of their games. But never say never because sometimes teams that are hungry will have the eye of the tiger on their side. 


I really enjoyed myself during the 2022 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. There were some upsets, some sentimental feelings, as well as some real underdogs giving some scares. But tonight Monday, April 4th, 2022 is going to take us to the big showdown.

Are any of the two your team or a team you picked in a bracket? I hope so. It will make the title game that much more exciting for you. But either way please feel free to shop for your team while you are here even if they didn't go all the way. 

Congratulations to the NCAA Women's Basketball Champions the South Carolina Gamecocks. 

Thanks for visiting with us and I hope we can please you as you shop around. 


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