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Everybody wants to know what they could wear to make them stand out. We do this with every style of clothing we are preparing to wear. But dealing with sports, the best looking sportswear is truly what you feel has the best color, emblem or style cut to offer. But in most cases that don't matter if you are a true fan to the team you want to represent. This means the best looking sportswear is your choice of teams. 

Who Is Your Favorite Team?

Some of us are season champion lovers. Some of us are die-hard I was born here team lovers. Then there are some of us who don't even care but like the way, some of the clothing looks. Me myself I like to coordinate everything I have on so that it looks spectacular. 

Many of the professional sports teams & the NCAA teams have vibrant colors and styles that allow you to come up with some really eye-catching ensembles. Some people believe that one platform is better than the other. Your favorite team should make it easy to dress to impress whether you are just chilling out or going to one of their games. But you will definitely be supporting their cause if you dressed to impress with their teams' outfits. 

My Favorite Team

I love the Chicago Bulls. I grew up in Chicago and was a pretty good basketball player in my day as well. I remember as a kid we had Bob Love, Chet Walker & Artis Gilmore to name a few. While we never won it big in those days, these players still thrilled me. Thus making me proud to wear my bulls outfits. And believe me, it looks really good too. Then when Michael Jordan came along and just turned the NBA out with Scotty Pippen, Horace Grant, Dennis Rodman, Armstrong & the rest, many people started wearing the Chicago Bull ensemble because they were the team of that time. 

But needless to say, this happens all the time in every sport. The top dog gets bragging rights and a new group of sportswear becomes the most popular. In any case, if you wear it right it looks right. That' my motto to wearing sportswear.

Look Good This Year & Love It!

Just think about how much you love your sports. Then think about the great looking apparel that is available to you and put together your different ensembles and walk-in stride. I have seen some people sporting their gear and look good enough in it to be modeling if someone was taking pictures of them. And I am talking about various teams gear. 


Our goal here at Favorite Sportswear is to make available to our visitors the items that will make them proud to wear to represent their favorite sports team. While there are many options we hope to provide you with what you need with great prices at the same time. 

If there is any way we can make our selection better for you please email us your concerns and we will be glad to do our best to accommodate. Thank you for visiting us and please visit us as often as you like.    



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