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First Round NCAA Tournament Upsets

Every year there are always some upsets in the NCAA Tournament. There could be many reasons why this happens. Some underdog teams have the edge when they are extremely hungry and confident. Some top-seeded teams may take an underdog lightly and get the shock of their life. Were there any first round NCAA Tournament upsets? 

The Major Upset

The one standout upset was the game between Kentucky (#2) vs. St. Peters (#15) in the East. St. Peters must have been pretty hungry with little fear in their hearts to beat Kentucky 85 to 79 in their battle. St. Peters outscored Kentucky 14 to 8 in overtime. They will face Murray State (#7) next. But my heart goes out to the top seeds that fall but I am sure they know that it is always possible that this will happen.

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The other upset came from the Colorado State (#6) vs Michigan (#11) game in the South. Michigan after starting off a little shaky, pulls out the second toughest upset of the 1st round. They toppled Colorado State 75 to 63 to move on to the next bracket where they will face Tennessee (#3). Wow, they go from #2 to #3. If they pull this one off they will start looking like a Cinderella team very early.

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Other Upsets

There were other upsets going by the rankings but the win/lost margins between the teams were pretty close. 

Richmond (#12) got past Iowa (#5) in their 1st round matchup and will go on to face Providence (#4) in the Midwest by the score of 67 to 63. Get a Richmond Shirt. Click Here 

New Mexico State (#12) beat UConn (#5) in the West 70 to 63 but their win/lost record was comparatively close in spite of the big difference in their rackings. Get a New Mexico State Shirt. Click Here 

Creighton (#9) slides by San Diego State (#8) in the Midwest by the score 72 to 69. Their records were really close in the win column so this is a classic ranking only upset. Get a Creighton Shirt. Click Here


So the saga continues for the year 2022. Will there be any more upsets to watch? We will see as the tournament rolls along while many people's anxiety level increases. Hope your team does well. Thanks again for visiting and feel free to support your team with some of the items we have made available to you in our store.   


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