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Men NCAA Final 4

The 2022 NCAA Men's Tournament is coming to a close as we got the last 2 of the Men Ncaa Final 4 teams today. I must say that there were nowhere near any upsets today. The top-ranked teams of each game today showed why they had the rank they had. Both beat their opponent making a statement in the process. 

The Two Matchups In The 2nd Half Of The Elite 8

There were no upsets in this round. In fact, the one team that could have pulled an upset got beat by 20 points. They did put on a great tournament though. That's right, (#15) St. Peters, my underdog pick of the tournament got beat by (#8) UNC by the score of 69 to 49. This is the last chance to support UNC by Clicking Here to show you have faith they will be in the Finals.


(#1) Kansas who is the only #1 seed that is still standing took out (#10) Miami in an ugly way by the score of 76 to 50. A whopping 26 point win. Miami came out smoking but Kansas had the water for them while going crazy in the 2nd half of the game. I guess Kansas is trying to tell the remaining teams they are ready. Click Here to support Kansas. 

The Look Of The Final 4 

The results are in. It looks like a pretty good Final 4 matchup going by how the teams are ranked. We have one (#1) ranked team and two (#2) ranked teams. The highest-ranked team holds a (#8) ranking. Not bad for the last 4. 

This means that (#8) UNC has the opportunity to really be a spoiler. But we got (#2) Duke who I think has the spirit of the Boogie because this tournament will mean a lot to Coach K if they pull this off.

(#1) Kansas is looking like they are not going to give this thing away but they better not let (#2) Villanova jump out on top as they let (#10) Miami do. Because I don't think it will be that easy for them to bounce back.


 I think that we are all excited that we are at this point in the Tournament. It is Bud and food time with great friends and family especially if they are NCAA fanatics. So let us prepare to have a good time, maybe win a pool and buy some NCAA gifts. So don't be afraid to Click Here and do some shopping. 

Don't forget to peep in on the Women of the NCAA as their tournament is ramped up as well. Thanks for visiting us.

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