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MLB Home Run Race

Major League Baseball has brought us many exciting times. From base stealing, strikeouts, triple plays and sometimes fights. Over the years, we have seen many changes in the athleticism of the players. 

Increased Power of the Players  

We all have noticed that athletes of today are a lot bigger and stronger than those of yesteryear. We had some with great power back then but not nearly as many. But is it power or precision when it comes to hitting home runs? Below describes what it takes.

We all get excited when we see a slugfest going on in any particular game. Every year in MLB the heavy hitters battle for the most home runs in a season. 

So it is a great thing that the players of today have carried on the good old tradition of good ol' baseball. 

2019 Homerun Derby

This year's home run derby was a great one. Some of the best power hitters to be in one season. The winner this year of 2019 was Pete Alonso of the NY Mets.

If you watched the League you know there were some great hitters throughout the season that made your day. Below are some of the featured home run hitters in this year's derby.


We are enjoying the games until we reach the time of the World Series which will be on October the 22nd and run till the 30th. Will your team be there? Let's dress to represent as the saga continues. 

Thanks for visiting in with us and I hope the team you love will be there at the end. 

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