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NCAA Tournament 1st Round Close Games

Day 2 of the 1st round of the NCAA Tournament pretty much resulted in just what the rankings told us. Most of the top seeds pushed past their opponents but there was some excitement in the mix as well. We will cover a few of the indifferences within this post for your information As well as the NCAA Tournament 1st round close games on the second day of the tournament.  

The 1 Point Tear Jerkers

When it comes to 1 point games, nothing hurts worse than when you were raked way lower but the other team made you sweat. That can mean two things. Either your game was off you you won't make it much longer in the tournament.

#7 Michigan St. had that problem with Davidson #10 but realistically Davidson had the better win/loss record. Maybe some thought Davidson would win this one. The Davidson players probably felt they could win it for sure. But Michigan St. Pulled it off 74 to 73.

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The second 1 point game was with Illinois #4 & Chattanooga #13. I am from Illinois myself and I am glad they pulled it off regardless. But I hope a closer rank team does not give them just as much or more of a problem as Chattanooga gave them. 

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The Upsets by Ranking

In the Midwest, there were a couple of teams to fall to a team that was ranked higher than themselves. 

Iowa St, who was ranked #11 surprised LSU who was ranked #6 by beating them 59 to 54. Many thought LSU would go a little further than this but this is what happens at tournament time every year.

And if that wasn't enough, Miami #10 went on to beat USC ranked #7 by the score of 68 to 66. This was one of those close games that I am sure brought some tears to some of the players. 

The last ranking upset of the day was given to Notre Dame #11 who defeated Alabama which was ranked #6 pretty convincingly with a score of 78 to 64. I don't think the Alabama fans saw that one coming.

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As the tournament goes on there will be many who will see their team go up in flames. That is just the nature of the NCAA tournament. But I will try to give some insights all the way through the tournament as long as I can find the time. Thanks for visiting and look forward to you visiting and shopping often.  




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