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Round Two 2022 NCAA Sweet 16 Winners

Ding-Ding, and the battles just keep getting better as the NCAA men's basketball is approaching the climax of the survival of the fittest. All through the tournament, there have been some that shocked and amazed us and then there were those who disappointed us. But these are the round two 2022 NCAA Sweet 16 winners. 

The One And Only Major Upset  

There was only one team that got through that by the ranking they should not have of. They showed they were not going down easy in the 1st half but came on stronger in the second half. 

(#15) St. Peters refused to go home by defeating (#3) Purdue by the score of 67 to 64. Not real commanding but it showed pure determination to make its run on the road to the Final 4. I think it is time to support them by Clicking Here to represent them. I like these guys. Small but got a bite.

The other three games were pretty much teams that were comparatively close in the rankings. However, UNC did beat a team with a better ranking to advance. 

(#8) UNC beats (#4) UCLA by 7 points in the 73 to 66 game. How many of you are feeling UNC this year? Well, if you are one who does, support them by Clicking Here to show how you feel. 

Only One #1 Seed Left 

The only number 1 seed left in the tournament would be Mighty Jayhawks. (#1) Kansas moved on after beating (#4) Providence by the score of 66 to 61. Providence did make a run in the 2nd half but it was too late to recover. Click Here to support Kansas. Some of you might think they are the one this year. There are two #2 seeds left, however. 


(#10) Miami proved they were the stronger team in their match against (#11) Iowa State. The score of 70 to 56 gave them a convincing 14 point win on their road to the Final 4. Could they be a #10 seed champion?  Click Here and show your support for them. 


Well, we have a #15 seed and a #10 seed left. and a couple of #2 seeds. Kansas, being the only #1 seed has the pressure put on them. They don't want to lose to a #2 seed and surely not to a #15 seed. But this is the NCAA Tournament and sometimes funny things happen regardless of the rankings. And now the Elite 8 begins. 

Thanks for stopping in to visit with us and if your team isn't there anymore, it doesn't mean you should not be wearing their colors. Feel free to shop around while you are here.  

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