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Two Top Seeds Fall in 2022 Sweet 16

And just when you thought it was safe to tread water in the NCAA Tournament more upsets happen in the first round of the NCAA Sweet 16 Tournament. But who would have figured that not one but two top seeds would fall in the 2022 Sweet 16 tournament play? 

What Teams Survived The 1st Run?

Out of the top seeds that started the Sweet 16 Tournament the #2 seeds hung on to head to the Elite 8. At least some of the rankings are still holding strong up to this point. 

(#2) Duke defeated (#3) Texas Tech by the score of 78 to 73. Looks like coach K is trying to go out in style. And really it would be well deserved because he has brought some teams to deal with in his day. Celebrate Duke by Clicking Here to support them.

(#2) Villanova defeated (#11) Michigan 63 to 65 to claim their seat in the Elite 8. Both number teams beat their opponents by an 8 point spread. Wow, that is something to think about. Villanova deserves some love as well. Click Here to support them. 


The Upsets Of The Day

So sad to say that there were two #1 seeds to bite the bullet on the same day. I have seen them fall but at the same time? Well, let me just give you the news. 

(#1) Gonzaga who seemed to be having some offensive difficulties fell to (#4) Arkansas 74 to 68. It is true that Arkansas had beat them in the regular season so maybe Gonzaga had that in the back of their mind when the ball went up. Show Arkansas they are appreciated by Clicking Here to support them.

(#5) Houston stepped to (#1) Arizona with a wide-open can of Texas whoop butt and won impressively by 12 points by the score of 72 to 60. So I must say they really should hands-down get some support by Clicking Here to show them off in the Elite 8. 


This is just the beginning of the 2022 Sweet 16 NCAA Tournament. No telling what will happen next. As I am typing the news from yesterday the battle is continuing. Hopefully, I can stay up late enough to type on from today's results. Thanks again for visiting and always feel free to shop while you are here.  

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