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Who Will Win The 2022 NCAA Tournament?

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Well, it is that time again for everyone to get those brackets filled out and try to win any pool they can find. This is something that has been going on for many years and has become like a sport within itself for some of us. Who will win the 2022 NCAA tournament? Everybody has their own belief of how & why a team will. I myself, I never win. But I am here to give you some insight into the teams this year.                                                            The number one seeds this year are Gonzaga (West), Baylor (East), Arizona (South), and Kansas (Midwest). The number 1 seeds always have to prevent upsets which seem to happen all the time. Who will hold on and work themselves through the brackets? Only time will tell. 

Who Is Considered To Have the Easiest Path? 

Some experts feel that Kansas (#1 Seed) out of the Midwest, which has one of the three easiest paths, has to face possibly a close #4 seed (Providence) in its walk to the Final Four. All the other competitors in their bracket are ranked higher. #5 (Iowa), #8 (San Diego St.), #9 (Creighton), #12 (Richmond), #13 (South Dakota State), and #16 (Texas Southern). But once again upsets do happen at times. And sometimes the easiest path can fall victim to an upset. 

The 2nd easiest path is given to Auburn (#2 seed) out of the Midwest. The toughest seed they possibly will face is #3 (Wisconsin). All the others are ranked above #3. They are #6  (LSU), #7 (USC), #10 (Miami), #11 (Iowa State), #14 (Colgate), and #15 (Jacksonville State).

Texas Tech (#3 seed) out of the West claims the 3rd easiest path. They however have to possibly face #2 (Duke) in their walk to the Final Four. And this is supposedly coach Mike Krzyzewski's last Final Four appearance. This should be interesting. The other seeds they could face are #6 (Alabama), #7 (Michigan State), #10 (Davidson), #11 (Rutgers or Notre Dame), #14 (Montana State), and #15 (Cal State Fullerton.  

The Most Considered Hardest & Most Difficult Paths  

The hardest path is thought to be the East & the South regions. Baylor (#1 seed) out of the East is thought to have the Hardest Path. The lowest seed they will possibly face is #4 (UCLA). Then the other possibilities consist of #5 (St. Mary's), #8 (North Carolina), #9 (Marquette), #12 (Wyoming), #13 (Akron), and #16 (Northfolk State).

The South region is considered to be the most difficult. While Arizona is considered the best choice, I haven't heard any strong predictions otherwise. So if there are going to be any upsets, this is where you want to look. The south consists of these 16 teams. #1 (Arizona), #2 (Villanova), #3 (Tennesee), #4 (Illinois), #5 (Houston), #6 (Colorado State), #7 (Ohio State), #8 (Seton Hall), #9 (TCU), #10 (Loyola-Chicago), #11 (Michigan), #12 (UAB), #13 (Chatanooga), #15 (Delaware), and #16 (Bryant or Wright State.  

Who Is Your Pick This Year?

Every year it is a toss-up who will win it all. Out of all the predictions Sportsline faired better than I believe all the sports experts last Final Four. Myself, I admit I never get it right, but this is some good information to help you try to get the edge on any bracket you might be involved in. Take your time and pick wisely. I wish you the best in your decision. 


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